Audible for Autism

Audible for Autism is a 501c3 Pending Organization raising awareness and providing community support to children and families on the Autism Spectrum through our innovative football based program.
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Philadelphia Soul Present

Audible for Autism ©

June 10th 2018 4pm Kickoff followed by Autism Sports Therapy Festival.  Tickets $25 per person. Come out and support children with Autism as they sing God Bless The USA, Help Call the Game, and Perform the Audible for Autism Halftime Touchdown Run, and more.


Who We Are

Audible for Autism is a football based Autistic Therapy Program specifically designed to empower and employ persons living with Autism. Our program utilizes persons on the spectrum in every aspect of the day through employment, participation, sharing and support. Placing persons on the spectrum in positions where their skills and talents can be cultivated and focused to improve and empower their future is our highest priority. We invite you to join us game after game as we provide long lasting memorable experiences for those in our community affected by Autism.

Audible for Autism©

Audible for Autism is a day long program where  children on the Spectrum and their families will participate in your football game as very special guests. The children and families will participate in many entertaining activities during the day and culminate with an amazing touchdown run with our unique, safe, exciting, team and family interactive halftime program.

Coordinating with local authorities, the children and families dressed in your team’s uniform and helmets will be transported to your game via fire engines and police vehicles with great fan fair.

The Audible for Autism© Halftime Touchdown Run

  • Five minute celebrity Autism Awareness Presentation to the crowd with plaque presentation to supporting organizations and notable individuals.
  • Two pre-selected children will be announced as they take the field and join the team huddles as the running backs.
  • The teams will be comprised of first-responders, celebrities, city officals, sponsors, etc.
  • The teams will snap the ball, and execute the touchdown run with the children running down each sideline passing each other at midfield as the crowd cheers them on.
  • The touchdowns will result in a memorable celebratory exchange including trophy and ribbon presentations along with photos to immortalize the moment.
  • After the Game the children will be presented with the Game Balls and Team photos will be taken to memorialize the night for all participants.

See What Audible for Autism© Is All About!

"Victoria had the time of her life. She carried her trophy for days and even took it to church with her. I know she will remember her touchdown forever."

"Sammy is non verbal so he cannot speak or show expression but through his body language he was smiling brighter than we have seen in a very long time."

Upcoming Events

Philadelphia Soul Present

Audible for Autism©

Sunday JunE 10 2018 @ 4pm

Kickoff at the Wells Fargo Center with Autism Therapy Festival immediately following the game

Game Time – 4pm Kickoff Philadelphia Soul vs. the Washington Valor at the Wells Fargo Center featuring the Audible for Autism Halftime Touchdown Run. 

In our mission to empower those living with Autism, children and adults on the spectrum will be employed to perform the following activities and duties during the Philadelphia Soul Game:

  • Singing of God Bless The USA
  • The Pregame Coin Toss
  • In-game commentary / announcer
  • Video Production / Photography
  • The Audible For Autism© Halftime Touchdown Run

Post Game – The Interactive Audible for Autism Sports Therapy Festival

Children and their families will take the field and participate in interactive sports activity stations (baseball, football, hockey, soccer, and basketball). In addition, we will be implementing cutting edge researched activities proven to assist children and their families in overcoming some of the daily challenges that living on the spectrum present.

Tickets are $25 per person which includes admission to the Philadelphia Soul vs the Washington Valor and the Post Game Audible for Autism Sports Therapy Festival.

*To support Audible for Autism and to participate in the post game festival, tickets must be purchased through the link below.*


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